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Floor Scrubbing Machines

BD 14/4 by Tornado
BD 14/4 floor belt sander

Designed to scrub hard-to-clean areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used, the new, eco-friendly BD 14/4 battery operated scrubber from Tornado is compact, powerful, versatile and perfect for small or confined spaces. Cleaning approximately 11,300 square feet in an hour, your small and congested spaces are clean, dry, healthy and safe in no time. Say goodbye to corded electric units that can cause trips and falls. The BD 14/4�s eco-friendly, maintenance-free AGM battery eliminates the danger of a power cord and periodic maintenance. What�s more, the ergonomic handle minimizes worker fatigue and injuries.
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BR 18/11 by Tornado
BR 18/11 floor belt sander

Designed from the ground up with our customer's needs in mind, the new BR 18/11 small walk-behind scrubber from Tornado is perfect for smaller spaces and offers a cylindrical brush for hard floor scrubbing. This brand new small scrubber meets rigorous global user standards for durability and productivity, offering enhanced features, benefits and a sleek new look that clearly outmatches the competition.
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BR 400 by Tornado
BR 400 floor belt sander

This unit lays down solution, scrubs and recovers in either direction. The BR 400 employs our high performance BR technology for cleaning and maintenance of virtually any hard floor surface, including tile in bathrooms and impression areas. Height adjustable transport wheels permit variable pressure. A convenient foot switch lowers and raises the squeegees while simultaneously starting and stopping the vac motor. The BR 400 comes standard with soft brushes but add firm, grit or high/low, excellent for grouted areas. Confined areas are no problem for the unit.
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