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PAS20-DXBC  Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber

Powr-Flite PAS20-DXBC

Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber

The Predator 20 will clean through 20,000 square feet per hour with a 20 inch cleaning path that fits easily through doorways and into tight spaces.

Features Specifications

Pricing and Availability
Standard unit - $5149 

  • 3-Stage suction motor that vacuums up the waste much easier than most automatic scrubbers
  • Rear mounted drain hose for easy disposal and cleanup
  • Electronic motion control going both forward and backwards
  • Easy access to batteries, vacuum motors and tanks, and with lifetime lubrication on the differential motor
  • Battery operated scrubber provides a run time of up to 4 hours for continuous scrubbing power

Cleaning Sq.Ft. Per Hour 17,000 - 24,000
Solution Tank Capacity 17 gallons
Recovery Tank Capacity 17 gallons
Cleaning Width 20 inches
Brush Diameter 20 inches
Brush Pressure 90 lbs.
Brush Speed 225 RPM
Brush Motor 3/4 hp 24 volt
Squeegee Width 29.5 inches
Traverse Motor 24 volt, direct drive variable speed
Vacuum Motor 3/4 hp / 24 v 66 cfm
Supply Voltage 2-12 volt 160 A.h. deep cycle
Battery Storage Area 14"x 13"x 9"
Continuous Run Time 4 hrs
Operating Time 5 hrs. w /160 A.h. bat 3.0 hrs. w /120 A.h. bat
Dimensions 44"x 20"x 38"
Operations Control Security, safety. Key locked
Warranty 10 yrs housing 1 year parts
Weight 220 lbs.
Shipping Weight 250 lbs.

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