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Focus II L20 Deluxe Walk-Behind  20

Clarke Focus II L20 Deluxe Walk-Behind

20" Floor Scrubber

The new Focus II L20 Deluxe Automatic Floor Scrubber features Clarke's revolutionary BOOST technology. If you demand high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits, BOOST technology offers 70% reduction in water and chemicals, 40% increase in pad life, 25% increase in battery runtime, and the added benefit of saving 50% in labor time, compared to traditional disc models.

No other manufacturer comes close to matching Clarke's combination of serious cleaning ability and green benefits in autoscrubbers. The Focus II models are also available in 2 other disc models, a cylindrical model and an orbital model. And all of the Focus II scrubbers feature important benefits such as low noise levels, improved user ergonomics, on-board chargers, breakaway squeegees and more.

Features Specifications Parts and Accessories

Pricing and Availability
Standard unit 130AH Wet Batteries and Pad Driver - $5911 
Standard unit 114AH AGM Batteries and Pad Driver - $6648 
Standard unit 130AH Wet Batteries, Pad Driver and Chemical Mixing System - $6256 
Standard unit 114AH AGM Batteries, Pad Driver and Chemical Mixing System - $6944 
Standard unit CA60 20D 130ah Pad Assist - $4921 

  • Environmentally friendly with efficient solution usage
  • Easy operation
  • Quiet at 65 dB(A)
  • Superior solution pick-up
  • 5 models to choose for your application

Cleaning Width 20"
Vacuum Motor .5 HP, 2 stage tangential discharge
Working Voltage 24 Volt DC
Recovery Tank 14.5 gallons
Solution Tank 14.5 gallons
Solution Flow 0 - .63 gallons/min
Brush Pressure 45 and 90 lbs
Brush Motor Power .7 HP
Disc Size 20 inch
Brush Speed 153 rpm
Sound Level 65.8 db(A)
On-Board Charger Yes (standard)
Warranty Body 8 Years - Parts 3 Years - Labor 1 Year - Batteries Prorated
Dimensions (L x W x H) 52 x 29 x 42 in.
Squeegee Width 29.9 in.

Common Parts & Accessories
Part # Manuf Description
Phone $
Online $
IV-20GRN IVIE Pad, 20 Green (Heavy Scrub) (Scrub/Rewax) 5 per Case
IV-20DF IVIE Pad 20" Diamond Maint 1500g Yellow (each)*
IV-20DVF IVIE Pad 20" Diamond Maint 3000g Green (each)*
IV-20DM IVIE Pad 20" Diamond Maint 800g White(each)*
IV-20RED IVIE Pad 20" Red (Daily Cleaning) 5 per Case
IV-20WHT IVIE Pad 20" White (Polish) 5 per Case
IV-20BLK IVIE Pad, 20 Black (Stripping) 5 per Case
If you dont see the parts you are looking for check here - Parts Search
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